Don't worry about it.

I'm serious. One day I went in to rehearse with someone and the absolute, first thing he said was, "What do I do with my hands?"

I came back with: “OK, I'll play along... I give up... what do you do with you with your hands?”

"No, no I mean..."

So I told him not to worry about it and we started going through the script. After a while he was so involved with what he was talking about that his hands were flying around like a bunch of electrons. I suddenly stopped him cold and said,
"What are you doing with your hands?"

"I don't know"

Yeah? Well make sure it stays that way."

Once you're in the zone, everything else follows.


Moving on stage has it's own set of criteria. We'll eliminate the small shuffling steps that stem from nerves. Nothing is arbitrary; there's a reason for every move. We operate from a position of strength and we keep the audience focused like a laser.