It is very possible that you've never actually rehearsed. A written script is not a speech. It's merely the text of the speech. Everything else comes from rehearsal.

Rehearsal is not the time to start thinking about what to say or figuring out what the slides should be.

I's not just about reading through the script and checking the slides. Thatís not rehearsing. Thatís just reading through the script and checking the slides.

Rehearsal is the process of breaking things down in order to understand what we're saying and why; of finding our own voice and of sculpting a presentation into an effective and powerful entity.

I remember reading something about Jack Klugman where he said that when he was young his favorite part of being an actor was taking a bow and hearing the applause.

As he grew older he began to understand that the process of discovery in rehearsals was where where the real excitement was.