“Dear Fenn,
As always - thank you so very much. Your coaching and empowerment is truly extraordinary and we deeply appreciate working with you. You are so skilled at calling forth – on stage - people as they authentically are. On a personal level – I am completely addicted to working with you, I consider it to be an extraordinary gift– and it’s also a lot of fun.”

Joan Holmes,
The Hunger Project

“John’s contribution to our success was tremendous, far beyond anything I have witnessed in my involvement with similar programs over the past 15 years.

John spent considerable time coaching presenters, {amateurs, really) developing their confidence as well as competence.

His coaching created in us a ‘stage presence’, gestures, postures,voice inflection and pacing.

In a relatively brief period of time John brought our people {including yours truly} to a higher level of professionalism.”

Walter Graham
Sr. VP Marketing,
Smith-Klein Pharma

“John does far more than merely help his clients deliver a powerful and compelling speech. He actually transforms them. He's an alchemist: he's able to take the most leaden of speakers and, by finding the sweet spot of their personalities and pulling it to the surface, turns them into gold.”

David Green,
Principle; Uncommon Knowledge,
Speech Writer


“John I kid you not, you have changed my life forever. My style and approach towards public speaking will never again be the same.

I so enjoyed working with you, and all the passion you bring to your work everyday. You make us all better. Thanks again for everything.”

Al Castignetti
VP/Gen. Mg
Nissan N.A

“Once again John Fennessy’s craftsmanship, insight, genuine care and total involvement... (along with an amazing sense of humor), brought an absolute blast of fresh air to the entire rehearsal process.”

James Rich,
Sr. Vice President,
Operations- Frito-Lay, NA


“What I find remarkable is the fact that he seems to have a sixth sense about what’s right for a particular person. He has a range of awareness that is startling.”

Chet Moss EVP,
Chief Creative Officer
Integrated Communications Corp.

“Of all the coaches to work with us, you are the first one to really get it right. You cut right through all the jargon and broke everything down to simple, truthful elements. Your overall direction and helpfulness in our speech delivery helped me be more natural and self confident. I particularly liked your comments about making the stage my’ home’. I am certainly looking forward to working with you again.”

Thomas Doll
Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer,
Subaru of America