The Page vs. the Stage:

How to make written scripts come off as improvisation.

There is a big difference between writing something to be read from a piece of paper and writing something to be spoken on stage.

I always say, "Talk the way we talk".

If you look at some typical written speeches don't you tend to find them just a tad stilted? They're written to be read like a newspaper or a brochure, not spoken as dialogue. They tend to be loaded with words we rarely use in conversation but are "script" words, (i.e. "provide") and they also religiously ignore the concept of the contraction.

"Perfection" is not truth. Perfection is not “real”.

We want to have a “real” conversation.

(For example, we repeat phrases within sentences. “It’s important… it’s important because...” etc.)

If we want to speak naturally, conversationally, then to begin with, the script itself needs to be crafted that way; crafted as dialogue. It should read as if it's never been written; as if it's completely spontaneous.

You’ll be able to do that, you’ll learn how to listen then you’ll start to think that way, and always have that tool at your disposal.